Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™

Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™

Equestrian Business Consulting

Unleash the Power of Your Potential

Achieve the impulsion you need to drive your business forward. With over 30 years of business experience in luxury sport, our team can help you make decisions to improve your chances of success.


Consultation Based on Experience

Navigating the world of equestrian business can be as challenging as training a champion. With our in-depth industry knowledge, passion for horses, and business acumen, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a startup equine business, an established horse breeder, or an equestrian event organizer, we provide bespoke consulting services to help you achieve your business goals.


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Why Work with SP RHODES?

We stand at the intersection of equestrian knowledge, technological innovation, creative insight, and mentorship. Our advisory team, enriched by hands-on experience across the spectrum, propels us to serve as a unique and dynamic consulting collective. Together, we aim to ignite transformative change in equestrian business.

Equine Business Strategy

We help develop robust business plans and strategies, advise on market entry, diversification, and provide guidance on equestrian business growth and sustainability.

Marketing & Branding

We offer innovative marketing and branding tailored specifically to the equestrian market. From creating a compelling brand identity to executing effective marketing campaigns, we help you connect with your audience and stand out in the competitive equestrian landscape.

Disruptive Scope

The equestrian industry brings $50 billion in direct economic impact to the U.S. economy. Unless your product or service is novel, useful and differentiated, the chances of scaling to a place where you can exit and retire is difficult. The size of our industry has no bearing on potential earnings. The one thing that does have bearing is a focus on what makes you unique through easily identifiable differentiation.

Analysis & Strategy Development

We analyze your business, equestrian market trends, and competitors to develop a comprehensive strategy aligned with your objectives based on quantifiable metrics.

Implementation & Follow-up

We work alongside you to implement the strategy, ensuring that every step translates into tangible results. We also provide follow-up consulting to assess the impact and make necessary adjustments.


We uphold the principle that equipping you with essential success tools is vital. While it's difficult to part ways, our mission is to aid in refining your strategic direction, pinpointing areas of potential improvement, and crafting effective enhancement strategies. This empowerment fosters an environment meant to increase your chances of success.


Strategic Guidance with Specialized Knowledge

Elevating your equestrian business requires not just vision and determination, but also the right kind of support network. Aligning yourself with people who have experience can be a critical stepping stone to your own growth and achievement. While our team has a wealth of experience, we also know that business is learning in perpetuity. We are continually upgrading our skills and pursuing new and better ways to solve complex business challenges. 

We also work closely with both an acclaimed legal team and can make referrals when necessary for additional consulting. 

Elizabeth Rhodes

Chief Executive Officer 

Elizabeth is ingrained in the fabric of modern strategic thinking, is a recognized innovator in equestrian sport, serving as the Principal at SP RHODES Equestrian Identity while also leading Module Biomed as CEO. Her leadership in both roles enables unique synergies between equestrian identity and tech innovation in animal health, facilitating FDA pipeline approvals. Her role in branding Mirataz and Zimeta, biologics now globally successful, was instrumental in Kindred Biosciences’ $440M acquisition by Elanco.

Currently expanding her knowledge at MIT’s Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), Elizabeth is honing her expertise in deep machine learning, bringing unique perspectives and advanced technology to SP RHODES. With a knack for identifying opportunities, managing risks, and facilitating nuanced client perspectives, she guides equestrian businesses towards innovation. Her riding background deepens her comprehensive understanding of equestrian sport and business.

Victor Bayani

Chief Strategic Officer

Victor Bayani, co-founder of a transformative road cycling company, brings over thirty years of industry expertise to SP RHODES. He reshaped the retail cycling experience and grew his venture into a multimillion-dollar entity before transitioning full-time to leverage his expertise in performance fabrics, supply chain management, and entrepreneurial acumen for our team.

Victor has amplified numerous athletic brands across North America. He brings to the table three business degrees, a global perspective from regular international travel, and lifelong athletic engagement. Presently, he holds advisory roles in three organizations, including an emerging European equestrian brand debuting in Spring 2024.

Known for his expertise in investment viability, risk management, and resource allocation, Victor’s data-driven and innovative approach has consistently generated notable returns, demonstrating his value in optimizing financial performance and growth. An avid cyclist, music enthusiast, and globetrotter, Victor leads an adventurous lifestyle.

Lucien Dubois

Chief Financial Officer

With a rich 25-year career in finance, Lucien, a Wharton School of Business graduate, brings substantial expertise to SP RHODES. Having navigated Wall Street, private equity, and venture capital, he is instrumental in mentoring equestrian clients in risk management and business growth, with a focus on optimizing returns and enhancing financial health in equestrian business.

His inherent ability to spot efficiencies and understand economic trends in equestrian sport facilitates precise navigation of financial challenges and contributes to SP RHODES’ growth. Outside work, his passion for equestrian culture extends to polo and breeding polo ponies on his ranch. Lucien’s personal interest and professional role harmoniously intersect, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

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All the products on this website can be customized with your logo. Some products (like grooming tools) are customized using engraving. Other products are customized using embroidery. In order to place an order for branded products, we need to have your logo on file. You can also order products without customization. 

Most products have a tiered pricing option with discounts that will be applied in your cart. All items are available as horse show awards.

If the products you are ordering are being engraved, there is no cost to add your file to our system; send your logo to and enter your farm name when prompted after you select “YES” to customization on the product you are purchasing. The option to add your farm name will appear once you confirm you want customization. 

If you are ordering apparel, stable accessories or horse wear that requires embroidery, you will need to either send us your stitch file (.DST file – no additional charge) or pay for an embroidery package. Packages range from $125 to $425 depending on how many stitch file sizes you require. 

Once your logo is on file for embroidery, you are not required to pay for digitizing again and can have access to your files at any time.

All questions related to your logo and starting an account can be directed to or you can open an online chat.


  • One-on-one design consultant and illustrator
  • Presented in hand-illustrated format
  • Priority service: 4-6 weeks
  • Custom color palette
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Competition is researched so we can strategically position your new brand
  • Up to Three concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to six revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are prepared in multiple color options and composition variations (stacked, horizontal)


  • Assigned to designated illustrator
  • Designs are presented in digital format
  • Custom colour palette
  • Timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire and the process is collaborative
  • Up to Two concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to four revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in the colors of the version you select
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)s

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