Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™

Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™


Equestrian Logo Design

Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™


Riders and horse enthusiasts come to us looking to express their connection to horses through custom illustration. Hundreds of connections have already happened by the time we hear from you.
One horse, two horse, three horses; ten. It's brilliant to know we can embody the legacy of all your equestrian connections into one custom image. That's why you are here and that's why we are here for you.

Custom Equestrian Logo Design is the First Connection we will make together. After that, while you are of course free to take your files and use them wherever you choose, we encourage you to take advantage of our knowledge of your new equestrian brand. From farm signs, business cards, websites and rider wear; we will know you well enough to guide you through the wonderful world of SP RHODES and connect you to our other products and services..

Our illustration team is North America based and professional. Graduate-level art education is a pre-requisite. Our designers study horse conformation and have access to a full team of equine experts to consult on both discipline- and breed-specific details. If you are breeding Arabian horses, we will understand the definition of jibbah. If you are selling hunters, we understand the value of square knees, an attractive head and a beautiful bascule. 

Equestrian logo design is unique in that logos need to be designed with end-use in mind. That means the illustration team you hire needs to be forward-thinking in how they approach basic design principles. Not all logo designs are suitable for embroidery. All equestrians need logos that suit their use.

An equestrian logo design is only as good as your ability to use it.  Our specialty here at SP RHODES are logos built for utility.  

We use a proprietary logo questionnaire to know you better. What you like, what you don’t like, your style and how you live your equestrian lifestyle. Our specialty is piecing together the information you provide and assembling it into intelligent illustrations. Our proprietary logo questionnaire purpose-built to gather the information we need for a successful result. 

Asking the right questions is a uniquely powerful tool for unlocking valuable information. The right questions spur learning and the exchange of ideas. They also build rapport and trust. A psychology-based approach to asking the right questions has been the magic formula to our development of beautiful and useful equestrian logos

Once you submit your logo questionnaire, you will be assigned a professional designer. You can call, email, text or contact your designer whenever you need to. 

Together, you will collaborate and get to know one another. You will engage in a feedback process that results in a final logo version you love. 

Now that our team knows your design aesthetic well, you can consider working with your personal design assistant on a farm sign, rider wear or other branded products. No need to explain what you like, don’t like or your color scheme. Although there is no obligation to use your logo on our products or for additional services, we can assure you that living a beautifully branded equestrian lifestyle is much easier when working with a team who already understand your intentions. 

We communicate frequently, are easily accessible and will always reply to your emails. If for some reason you can’t get in touch via email we have three different chat resources you can connect with – Facebook, our online chat and Skype.  While we do our part to be full participants in your logo design process, we ask the same of you. Our logo design contract will be signed before we proceed and all expectations, timelines and costs will be outlined with transparency in an easy-to-read format. 

Many of our equestrian logo customers have other businesses outside of horses. Construction logos, real estate logos, apparel companies, veterinarians, medical practices and more. If you are looking for a business logo that will be unique and original, send us a message. 



Our lead designers boast education from the Paris College of Art and OCAD University; two top tier art schools that have a legacy of producing quality talent. A respect for the arts and a love for all things equine is the perfect pairing. The result is always beautiful designs and accurate representations.

Our graphic design and illustration team was recognized with a bronze award amongst a field of highly-skilled marketing agencies for our work in the companion animal and pharmaceutical space. 

Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™

Equestrian logo design to suit any style preference. Hand-illustrated, entirely unique and a collaborative process that involves you in the creation of your new equestrian brand.


Tier 1: $990

60% deposit due to start

This level of service is suitable if you have a small private farm or average size boarding facility. If you won’t be using your new equestrian logo to sell products or services outside of boarding horses and you are not in a big rush then this is a suitable option. The main difference between Tier 1 and Tier 2 are timeline, number of concepts, number of revisions and final file options. INCLUSIONS
  • Assigned to professional illustrator
  • Timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • Designs are presented in digital format
  • Custom colour palette
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire 
  • Up to 2 concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to three revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in the colors and orientation of your selected version
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)
  • Full ownership is assigned

Tier 2: $1,550

60% deposit due to start

If you are in a rush, if you are the kind of person who wants to see more options presented or if you are planing on developing a brand that sells products or services online, this would be your selected level of service.


  • Assigned to professional illustrator and brand strategist
  • Timeline: 4-6 weeks
  • Designs are presented in hand-illustrated format
  • Custom colour palette with Pantone colors outlined
  • Thread colors provided for embroidery
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Up to 4 concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to six revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in multiple color versions and two orientations
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)
  • Full ownership is assigned


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You are losing money through low engagement. Riders want to join teams that look cool and are optically cohesive

You are losing credibility. If you use clipart for your logo or have an unoriginal design, how is that going to convince clients you want the best for your business?

You are losing exposure and reach. The better your equestrian brand, the more enthusiasm is created.

You are losing the opportunity to provide an awesome brand experience for your riders. Everyone wants custom blankets, jackets and ball caps that look amazing!



Finalize your equestrian logo design package


We send you our contract to sign


Once the contract has been signed we send a deposit request


Once the deposit is received, we issue our questionnaire. There will be a password for access.


You fill out the questionnaire online and submit it through our system


We review your answers and if we don’t have questions the team will proceed with ideas. We will email you and advise we are good to go. If we have questions, we will email you for clarification


Concepts will be presented within the time allowed based on the contract and level of service


Concepts will be presented within the time allowed based on the contract and level of service


We make changes based on your feedback. Number of revisions is based on the package you choose. We typically get approvals after three rounds of changes


You decide on your final version, we collect balance and issue you all the files

Let's Connect

Send us a message so we can talk about your equestrian logo design requirements. A conversation is not a commitment; we want to hear your story.

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All the products on this website can be customized with your logo. Some products (like grooming tools) are customized using engraving. Other products are customized using embroidery. In order to place an order for branded products, we need to have your logo on file. You can also order products without customization. 

Most products have a tiered pricing option with discounts that will be applied in your cart. All items are available as horse show awards.

If the products you are ordering are being engraved, there is no cost to add your file to our system; send your logo to and enter your farm name when prompted after you select “YES” to customization on the product you are purchasing. The option to add your farm name will appear once you confirm you want customization. 

If you are ordering apparel, stable accessories or horse wear that requires embroidery, you will need to either send us your stitch file (.DST file – no additional charge) or pay for an embroidery package. Packages range from $125 to $425 depending on how many stitch file sizes you require. 

Once your logo is on file for embroidery, you are not required to pay for digitizing again and can have access to your files at any time.

All questions related to your logo and starting an account can be directed to or you can open an online chat.


  • One-on-one design consultant and illustrator
  • Presented in hand-illustrated format
  • Priority service: 4-6 weeks
  • Custom color palette
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Competition is researched so we can strategically position your new brand
  • Up to Three concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to six revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are prepared in multiple color options and composition variations (stacked, horizontal)


  • Assigned to designated illustrator
  • Designs are presented in digital format
  • Custom colour palette
  • Timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire and the process is collaborative
  • Up to Two concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to four revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in the colors of the version you select
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)s

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