No Knot Tail Brush

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The Saucy Piaffe No Knot tail brush can be customized with your logo and text

• Removes knots
• Distributes oils
• Smooths fly-aways

• Start at the bottom of the mane or tail so you can tackle one tangle at a time
• Hold your horse’s tail in your hand while you brush, so that you’re pulling on the root of the hairs as little as possible
• Use slow, smooth strokes instead of aggressively pulling the brush through the hair; this will help you work out knots gradually and gently, thus reducing breakage

• Use a moisturizing tail conditioner first and work through tail hair with your hands. Once thoroughly distributed follow the steps above. Monitor how effective your tail grooming routine is by how many hairs are evident in the brush when you finish; proper tail grooming should be gentle and result in very few hairs being pulled out.
• Make sure to shampoo and brush the tail head. Dead skin accumulates in this area and can become itchy and bothersome to your horse. Regular bathing and tail brushing should help keep the tail head moisturized and healthy.
• When you first bring this brush home, spray it with a silicon hair conditioner. This will prevent tail hairs and dirt from accumulating inside the bed of the brush.


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  • Tend to your horses mane and tail without splitting hairs.
  • This quality, fully customizable tail brush uses tightly nestled fiber bundles to untangle even the most unruly tales.
  • Over 5000 bristles in a secure pillow. This is the only tail brush on the market with a “pop not” pillow.
  • Guaranteed not to come out of it’s casing, even with the most vigorous pulling action.
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