SP RHODES BRAND FIRST Custom Tailored Horse Show Scrims are designed to optimize the exposure of your equestrian brand. Embroidery is bold, visible and meets minimum size criteria best on best-practice logo size from a 10M distance. Logos are embroidered using high-sheen/high tensile-strength European thread and can be embroidered on either the left barrel or back left quarter.

Versatility, durability and strength are keystones of our fabrics. Our recreational mesh resists wear from bending or stretching, has a quality feel and drapes beautifully for a tailored, tidy fit. Recreational mesh is an ideal material for your scrims because it is purposefully manufactured to endure the demands of our sport.

We are proud to offer such a versatile and high-quality horse wear item using best-in-class materials combined with an authentic commitment to craftsmanship.

  • Sun protection
  • Color-fast
  • Tailored fit
  • Reinforced embroidery
  • Fabric-lined lapels
  • Custom trim
  • Custom piping
  • Custom buckles
  • Custom tail feature
  • Recreational polyester mesh; Semi-stiff handed with 1/8″ round holes (the best!)
  • Hand-wash with mild detergent
  • Do not machine wash
  • Do not bleach
  • Hang to dry

The price listed is inclusive of the following:

  • Embroidery of your logo on either left barrel or back left quarter provided we have your logo here on file in the required size (standard)
  • Leather buckle (optional)
  • One-color hand-braided hip ornament (optional)
  • Custom trim (standard)
  • Custom piping (standard)

Optional additions that add cost are as follows:

  • Addition of belly strap (not as popular as they used to be because they cause the barrel logo to look off-centre) +$35
  • Two-color hand-braided hip ornament (+$55)
  • If we do not have your logo in file in embroidery format we will need to create a file. Cost for this depends on the size and location. Once you have the file converted to stitch format you do not have to pay a second time. Cost is either $155 (back quarter size) or $175 (barrel size). Cost is a one-time charge. If you have an embroidery file, you can have this fee waived by sending your file to

We have presented our pricing this way so you have full control over budget. This will help set expectations for your clients rather than advertising a very low cost that ends up well over budget once you add your preferred options.

    Reset options

    Note: The options that appear below once you select your base colors will be recorded but will not be reflected in the above image. We will send you a formal proof for signature with your selections once your order has been placed.

    Select your size: All horse wear sizes are the same cost with the exception of oversized sizing. Oversized is considered 82 or larger, which adds +$35.

    Select your buckle style: The cost of your scrim will decrease or remain the same, depending on whether or not you keep your buckle leather as pictured or downgrade to nylon (-$10.00).

    Belly Strap: The cost of your scrim will either decrease or remain the same, depending on your below selection. Belly straps are not as popular as they used to be because they require that we offset the barrel logo further to the right, putting it off centre.

    Hip braid: You can to keep the hip braid as it is pictured or; 1. upgrade to a two-color hip braid (+$55) or downgrade to a braided tail cord (-$25)

    Choose the second color for your two-color hip braid: We will braid your second color into the primary color of the hip braid as it appears in the gallery images on this page. You can choose from our trim options.

    Logo options:

    Farm Name: Enter your farm name so we can reference your logo for application onto your horse wear item. Since we already have your logo on file, there will be no additional charge unless we do not have it in horse wear size. If we do not have a large format file, you can either provide it free of charge or we can create a file for either $145 or $175, depending on where you want your logo embroidered. The additional cost would be a one-time charge.

    Now that you have designed your scrim, you have the option to add a cooler, quick-dry stable sheet or rain sheet as a bundle. Your customizations will be applied to these other items. You save 10% when you bundle.

    Thank you, you can now add your horse wear to the cart. We will be in touch within 24-72 hours with a proof (s) for final signature; you will have the option to make changes to your customization selections at that time. All your selections will be recorded once you "add to cart". If you have created an account, you can also add your horse wear to your catalogue and share your selected options with your team by email or Facebook.  There is a button to do this above the main description of this item. You can also save your item to your catalogue and come back later. 

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  • One-on-one design consultant and illustrator
  • Presented in hand-illustrated format
  • Priority service: 4-6 weeks
  • Custom color palette
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Competition is researched so we can strategically position your new brand
  • Up to Three concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to six revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are prepared in multiple color options and composition variations (stacked, horizontal)


  • Assigned to designated illustrator
  • Designs are presented in digital format
  • Custom colour palette
  • Timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire and the process is collaborative
  • Up to Two concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to four revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in the colors of the version you select
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)s

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