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Live A Beautifully Branded Equestrian Lifestyle™

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Insight 1 – Demystifying Equestrian Logo Design

What is the value of equestrian logo design? How much investment is typically required for professional equestrian design services? Is the adage “you get what you pay for” applicable?

This article addresses these questions and delves deeper into different equestrian logo design processes and its value to your equestrian business.

Inquires we receive for equestrian logo design start with questions about cost, “Wow, over $900 is really expensive for a horse logo. I can get it elsewhere for $75”, or, “I have a friend who can do it for free”. There are lots of options to have an equestrian logo created; however, not all of the available options are the right choice.

In this article, we are going to explore the definition of a professional equestrian logo design and deconstruct what’s involved and the expected cost.

What Constitutes an Equestrian Logo?

Visit the SP RHODES Pinterest page to see hundreds of successful equestrian our logo designs.

  1. Scalable as a vector graphic without quality loss.
  2. Anatomically correct from the perspective of discipline and conformation.
  3. If tack is required, it needs to be discipline and style appropriate.
  4. Logo elements need to meet minimum size and style criteria for embroidery.
  5. Legible so that it conveys meaning even when it is small.
  6. Adaptable across various media, including print, digital, and horse and rider wear.
  7. Unique to ensure no other equestrian businesses has a similar or competing illustration.
  8. Needs to clearly represent the style of the customer and meet the criteria outlined in their equestrian logo questionnaire.
  9. Be designed in such a way that colors can be changed for use on various backgrounds without affecting the overall message.
  10. Utilize fonts that are either fully custom or open source to ensure that there are no copyright violations.

Professional equestrian logo design carries a professional-level cost, and rightly so. The need for a scalable vector graphic ensures that your logo remains pristine across different sizes, be it a tiny emblem or a grand display. The detailed intricacies involved in ensuring that the horse’s anatomy and tack are accurate and discipline-specific reflect the designer’s expertise and thoroughness.

The final logo also needs to be suitable for embroidery and remain legible even when shrunk to smaller dimensions. Achieving this showcases a mastery of design principles.

Quality equestrian logo design is not just about designing a unique symbol; it is about capturing the essence of a client’s equestrian style, informed by a comprehensive questionnaire process. It is also about ensuring that no other equestrian business uses a similar design.

In essence, the nuances and specialized expertise underpinning equestrian logo design makes the process far more intensive than one would think.

When once again faced with the question, “$50 vs. $1,500”, it becomes clear that there is a lot that goes into professional equestrian logo design; far beyond illustration skill and shapes.

Here are some questions to consider when hiring a company to create your equestrian logo:

Key Takeaways

  • Does the company you are working with specialize in equestrian branding? Do they understand the specific needs of equestrian business and how the logo will be used.
  • Is the company you are considering leading the way in their own equestrian branding? Is their logo unique and stand-out? If their own branding lacks insight, strategy and creativity then chances are they don’t understand the criteria that makes for a great equestrian logo design.
  • How many logos has the company you are considering completed? As Malcolm Gladwell discussed in his bestseller, “Outliers“, to become an expert it takes 10,000 hours (or approximately 10 years) of deliberate practice. This means that the company you hire should have at least 500 logos they can present to you in a portfolio for review if they have done at least 50 equestrian logo designs per year over a 10-year period.
  • Does the company you are working with understand equestrian sport, equipment, conformation and a correct way of going? It can be easy to rule out the importance of being a capable rider when designing a logo but if you don’t understand what it feels like to ride a horse from back to front with a correct outline (relaxed, not over-bent, up over the back) then you won’t be speaking the same language of correctness. Hunter outline vs. dressage outline vs. jumper style vs. hunter style over fences; all of these nuances can impact the quality of your equestrian logo outcome. If your designer has never ridden inside leg to outside rein or a correct Western lope, you may want to reconsider.
  • Referrals. What is word on the street? Our industry is small so likely you can inquire with former customers about their logo design experience.
  • Process. We always say that great equestrian logo design is more about the questions asked than the talent of the illustrator. If the team you hire doesn’t know where to start with questions, they won’t be able to translate your vision into an illustrated answer. A comprehensive questionnaire process and collaborative discussions are essential on an ongoing basis.
  • Experience with corporate branding. This may not seem like an important point but it is. An illustration team that has been successful in branding popular products and corporate business understands what we call best practice. This means that they are familiar with the demands of big business and understand the real implications of copycat logos, poor quality results and lazy implementations. If they can navigate the complex world of multi-level approvals and trademark applications, they are worth consideration. While you may not need more comprehensive service now, consider once you equestrian brand has grown. Going back to the team that helped you in the beginning means they are already familiar with what you do and can help you scale further using their comprehensive knowledge of branding larger businesses.
  • Contract. Make sure the company you work with has a two-way contract in place that encourages participation of both parties. Contracts are also called SOW’s (Statement of Work). This is how you set expectations and agree on what you will receive in exchange for your money.
Additional things of note:

  1. There is a process that is not immediately evident when you hire someone to create your horse logo. A professional company implements a detailed and experienced workflow to produce a quality result. There is cost to this. There is deep knowledge required. There is experience earned over many years that will be passed along to you in the way of your design.
  2. It is more expensive to invest in a luke-warm experience than it is to invest in having your horse logo created in an accountable and capable way.
  3. Not every logo designer is a horse person and not every horse person is a logo designer. Further to this, not every logo designer who is a horse person is a rider. If you can find someone who is all three and also fits the above, the cost is justified.
  4. Saving up and waiting a little longer to invest in the proper process means you can spend a little more time on your business strategy, which ultimately is what will generate the most return in lockstep with your new equestrian brand. Wait, don’t rush. Do it right the first time.


There are six ways you can create an equestrian logo and each method has a different cost::

  1. DIY – The up front cost is time. The long-term cost could be copyright infringement or lack of utility (won’t embroider, for example)
  2. Online marketplace – $50+ – Cost depends on the artist but they won’t know horses in the way that is required to develop an intelligent design if you want a horse in your logo.
  3. Stock art from a website like Getty Images – $300+ – you would need to purchase commercial rights to use the logo and that means anyone else can use it too. You also have to make sure the fee to use the design isn’t in perpetuity.
  4. Hire a freelancer – Variable cost – cost will depend on skill level; but do they know horses? If they do, what style of logos do they create? Line art does not always lend itself well to embroidery, buyer beware.
  5. Hire a company that specializes in equestrian logo design – always the best bet. $800+; However, make sure they have an extensive portfolio of work to show you before you commit. We always say if they have been in business for 5 years or more (preferably more), they have a portfolio of at least a few hundred designs to show you.

A quality equestrian logo is an essential part of equestrian branding and can contribute significantly to your companies perception in the market.

If you are looking to pursue a professional logo design option, we would love to help. Visit our logo page here.

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  • One-on-one design consultant and illustrator
  • Presented in hand-illustrated format
  • Priority service: 4-6 weeks
  • Custom color palette
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire
  • Competition is researched so we can strategically position your new brand
  • Up to Three concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to six revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are prepared in multiple color options and composition variations (stacked, horizontal)


  • Assigned to designated illustrator
  • Designs are presented in digital format
  • Custom colour palette
  • Timeline: 8-10 weeks
  • Design is based on a comprehensive questionnaire and the process is collaborative
  • Up to Two concepts provided based on your questionnaire answers
  • Up to four revisions to your selected concept
  • Files are provided in the colors of the version you select
  • All design files (.jpg, .png, .eps. .ai. .pdf, .ai)s

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